-Misguided Ghosts-

I'm Beth! I'm from Wales UK! If I could move to America I would do it tomorrow!! I love music, Tattoos and films. Favorite bands include, of mice & men, Bring me the horizon, Avenged sevenfold etc. Send me asks!

1 hour!

Until I pick him up to take him to the train station for him to travel back to ship! :( the thought if even saying goodbye, even if it is just a couple of weeks, is absolutely killing me! I feel sick :( someone cheer me up!

One more sleep

One more night I can share a bed with him until he goes back down south on ship! This week has been wonderful, being able to see him whenever we could! Tomorrow is gonna be hard saying goodbye again! It’s going to break my heart! I will miss you my lew!


I love that’s he’s lying next to me right now!! Really really don’t take these moments for granted!

Definitely want these glasses!! #glasses #me #selfie #lips #lipstick #makeup #shorthair #grey #silver

Definitely want these glasses!! #glasses #me #selfie #lips #lipstick #makeup #shorthair #grey #silver